An autotransfusion is a process where a person receives their own blood for a transfusion instead of receiving donated blood from a blood bank. Blood can either be donated before a surgery by the patient, or blood can be collected during using a device known as the Cell Saver. The Cell Saver is used in surgeries where there is a large expected volume of blood-loss. These surgeries include aneurysms, joint replacements and spine surgeries.


bone marrow aspirate concentrate


Bone Marrow Concentrate is a product that we produce using either the Arthrex machine or the Harvest machine. Bone Marrow Concentrate is the key product in facilitating new bone growth in combination with the bone grafts we carry. Using a unique process we are able to keep aspirated bone marrow sterile throughout the whole process, minimizing the risk of infection. This is the service we pride ourselves in and are excited to offer to surgeons and patients.




Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is blood plasma which has been enriched with platelets. The platelet component of blood has key essential factors in hard and soft tissue repair as well as key factors that contribute to stem cell migration. Using PRP to facilitate tissue regeneration in tendon surgeries such as knee replacements, tennis elbow surgeries and some oral surgeries.




bYomed Biomaterials provides demineralized cadaver bone strips, bone chips, bone putty, putty crush-mix and sponges in various shapes and sizes. The use of these bone grafts serves as a safe, reliable alternative to autologous bone grafts for patients who do not have the bone available for the graft or that do not wish to undergo the extensive procedure which carries very high risk.